Even though our daily lives have changed in significant ways as a result of COVID-19, one thing that
won’t change is our commitment to taking exceptional care of you; our clients.

Please know that we have taken steps to ensure seamless operations and full availability of both our
professionals and services to you. We have the benefit of an extensive inventory of safe digital and virtual
tools for having a safe and protected work environment for our team members and for you.

Thanks to technology and infrastructure investments we have made in recent years, we are fully operational
and prepared to provide the high level of service and confidence you have come to expect from us.
We also have the technology and the resources to help your business stay active and to keep our covered
correctly, giving you peace of mind at this uncertain time.

For over a year now we have bank encrypted e-pay on our website & e-signing for documents and many
other tools to keep you doing what you do best, taking care of you, your family and your business.    
As always, our staff is accessible via phone, text or email and our website is fully operational. Please reach
out to us if you have questions about our companies, policies and programs we offer
For the time being, most companies plus our team are refraining from inspections, in person client meetings
to also do our part to decrease the spread of this virus and for the safety of our team members, clients and
all of our families

Many, if not all (as of this writing) we see that many companies are offering billing support to customers who
are financially affected, encouraging them to contact us and the companies to discuss their individual
situations. We will continue to look for ways that come available to help you during this time

What the world is experiencing is unprecedented, but we are nonetheless prepared for it. With many years
of risk expertise and the best team in the business, we are built to take on this challenge.

And thanks to our strong relationship with you, we will get through this difficult circumstance the same way
we get through everything: together.

We appreciate your partnership and your confidence in Eastern Classic Coverage Insurance Agency         

Yours in Trust,

Bob Bleistein and the ECC Team
Some items and resources that might be useful for you:
we will keep adding items as they come available

•        Six month Hired non owned auto policies are now available for businesses that offer delivery service
•        Progressive insurance one of our agency partners is offering certain drivers to drive as a employee on
their personal policy for a limited time in order to make extra money.

•        Many of our partner companies are offering delayed or deferred payment plans.

•        There are numerous SBA loans available and we are in anticipation of getting federal funding to help
businesses and your employees.

•        Times like these, make us all think about other threats like Cyber Liability (things like working for home,
offsite working and more scam artists are searching everyday for an open door to your business (and
personally too)
•        Experts are saying that EPLI insurance, which has had an increase in claims these past few years will
grow even more now because of layoffs, unfair layoffs and other tactics in order to file a claim.

•        To help your employees, there are insurance products like Disability -   if they were / are affected by
the coronavirus. Also, if a family member is ill and they need to take care of them they could be eligible for
(PFL) Paid family leave.

•        Always remember: Take extra steps of caution before going for a loan (speak to your accountant,
Attorney and other business advisors. They are many varieties available.

•        Some ways (links) to obtain applications for loans or grants for your business include:

some other useful links:

•        DMV :  We reached out for clarification on this common question and learned registrants should
continue to mail registration plates to the DMV. NY DMV’s Central Office has not closed. They continue to
receive and process mail. The DMV uses the postmark date on the envelope as the date of surrender; this
date will be reflected on the FS-6T Receipt.
      More information:   https://dmv.ny.gov/registration/how-surrender-return-or-turn-your-plates-dmv


Given the turbulent and uncertain circumstances surrounding the impacts of the coronavirus and stay-at-
home orders, many companies are making hard decisions about laying off their employees.  Here are a few
thoughts to consider.

"Furlough" vs. "Layoff": Furlough is usually temporary while a layoff may be temporary or permanent. There
is usually no legal commitment to rehire an employee unless required by a collective bargaining agreement
or employment contract or possibly if you fall under the WARN Act.  
It is important not to create a promise or a legal obligation to rehire and explicitly state that nothing affects
their rights under employment at will.

Hiring back employees who are furloughed:  Re-complete new hire paperwork such as I-9's and W-4's and, if
possible, reinstate all seniority benefits (leave, pay grade, etc.) to pre-furloughed levels upon rehire. If
allowed by your carriers, waive new hire eligibility requirements for benefits such as health care and 401k
participation. If possible, letting your employees know this prior to the layoff will provide some reassurance to
them during this difficult time.

Unemployment is changing: The federal government has relaxed many unemployment requirements allowing
the states to do the same.  Several states have waived the 7-day waiting period and the looking-for-work
requirement for most positions. While you cannot guarantee an employee will receive unemployment, you
can assure them that you will not dispute their appeal if they are denied and need to file one.

Final Pay: Follow your state laws regarding timing of paying employee wages for hours worked.  Some states
require same day payout while others allow you to wait until the next regular payday.  Notify employees when
they can expect this pay.

Benefits: If an employee has health insurance coverage, let them know their options under COBRA and if you
are choosing to pay some portion of their COBRA premium and/or what their obligation under COBRA will
be.  In addition, you may want to let them know if your state is re-opening its ACA marketplace health
insurance pools.

Paid Time Off:  Some states require employers to pay out available PTO upon separation. If your employee's
state does not, then you can require them to use PTO, pay it out, or allow them to save it for later in the
year.  You should follow your established policy but can make a one-time exception.

Please note the Families First Coronavirus Response Act does not allow employers to require employees to
use other PTO in certain situations.
In order of streamlining hardships and to help relieve some payment pressure from clients
many companies are asking that clients  call their payment centers, some ask you to fiill out forms

Kingstone form can be reached at  https://www.kingstoneinsurance.com/covid
If you feel you have been impacted by this pandemic, help may be available. If you can demonstrate that you’
re unable to make a timely premium payment due to financial hardship because of the COVID-19 pandemic,
there are answers.  

Many, if not all (as of this writing) companies are offering billing support to customers who are financially
affected, encouraging them to contact us and the companies to discuss their individual situations. We will
continue to look for ways to help you and our customers during
these are difficult times. The New York Legislature and Department of Financial Services have been
implementing emergency measures in an effort to protect insurance policyholders who have been hit with
financial hardship because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Regulations they enacted include: the waiver of late
fees; the prohibition on reporting negative data to credit reporting agencies; and the repayment of late
premiums perhaps over a 12-month period.

You may prove hardship by submitting a written attestation to the insurance company or premium finance
agency regarding your financial hardship resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.  

If your policy is financed through a premium finance agency, a grace period could be enacted before
cancelling your policy for late payment of an installment if you can demonstrate financial hardship because of
the COVID-19 pandemic. This grace period will be 60 days for a property/casualty policy; 90 days for a life
insurance policy.  You will be given a 12-month period to pay the missed installment, and the premium
finance agency may not impose late fees or report you to any credit reporting agency or debt collector
because of that installment.
The full text of the relevant regulations for NYS can be read at https://www.governor.ny.gov/news/no-20213-
continuing-temporary-suspension-and-modification-laws-relating-disaster-emergency and  https://www.dfs.ny.

Of course, every company and policy are different plus each State also has different outlooks, laws and
decisions: please check with your State(s) that you live, work and have property.