CAKE Insurance Program
Culinary And Kitchen Entrepreneur Insurance Program
Help us get the Best type of policy specific to YOU!
Our  program policies get delivered in your name Only and is designed for you with you in mind.
This is not a group membership type of policy
Let Our CAKE Designers give you quotes: fill in the information below.
If you do not have the answer to a question, just say "n/a" and we will help you with that too....
Company (corp) Name:
Your name:
Mailing address
Zip code
Years in Business
Contact phone #
Address of Kitchen/ with
contact info ( if any)
Tax ID # or  FEIN #
Hiring any employees
Estimates sales for the next 12 months
If sales are over $100,000 please call
Are you using a co packer
Any online sales? What %:
Do you need to insure
property or contents?
Describe your product(s)
Any special wording or claims
about your product
How are you packing the
product ( glass, plastic)
What is your estimated
start date?
Using a stove, fryer or oven?
How are you selling your
( i.e.retail, wholesale,
marketplaces etc)
Do you have a current
policy / name limits
Questions, comments, or feedback:
If we have any additional underwriting questions, we are not afraid to
ask, since the more we know about you and your product the better
the savings!
The moment we get our best quick quotes in, we will reach out to you.
CAKE Program